so tired huhh

Posted by sazali


When we drive for so long

Our bodies get so tired..
The doctor said better rest plz.

Why do we feel so tired? May be

1.  Age has caught us up
2.  Stress. Eye fatigue.
3.  Monotonous job.
4.  Boring partner who cannot bring any interesting  topic to laugh and stay sharing stories, jokes and fun always
5.  No body cares


To avoid tiredness the doctor suggest the following remedy

1.  Try driving something new.
Example 2000 drive transnational bus from batu pahat to kota bharu
2016 fly Air Asia ..can?

Will Datuk Tony Fernanddz believe our new skill?


2.  Get a new co pilot as talkative as you.  Try?

3.  Try new route
4.  Let your partner drive next.  Can you sleep there?


5.  Get supplement like honey, parmathon, makjjun and arjuna drinks...

6.  Exercise  a bit lah old driver.  Run run in the bus central. Get some sweat please.

I think that's all for today...

Try ok?



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