What i think part 2

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Malaysia is a beautiful country. We got 3 kind of people. Malays, Chinese and Indians. From this our tourism model and the money comes ..foreign exchange, import export

It wants everything in education

Religious study, sport, fishing, music, piano, guitar, head scarves, small t shirts and tight jeans,
Good conduct, moral
Content knowledge  SPM, STPM, polytechnic, degree, masters, APEX
palm oil, coconut, sour grape, timber

world class and in the end

at the end ..

we got a bit confused.

in a ship, if we put everything in, including  workers from Bangladesh, Thailand, Vietnam, Nepal ...sooner or later
.. any ship will sink. Examples of sinking. Our ATM machines ..they blow them up. Sometimes the argentinisn brought heavy machines to pull out the money machines. My God.

So I am sad as a citizen here. We still cannot stand solidly behind Bahasa Malaysia or English as a medium of instruction.

i like Indonesia. They do not make so much noise but they got people to build high story buildings in day or night. Simple.

in my country...some look they are guaranteed  for paradise but from another angle ... what they did is just the act of qarun, firaun and ...just name it...u got them one by one. But dont worry. Allah can pardon you except syirik,

The police is employed to control the peace of my country but
now the police are doing so many things. Pity them a lot.
There are too many lady Teachers, lecturers and girl students here. If the boy is unemployed, marriages take a bit later. So we got social problems here. But ..since there are too many faces from Malay, Chinese and Indians ...we got many colours out of the babies. More headache, i suppose.

That is all for today.
tq. Part 2.

wallahu aklam bis sawab. Allah knows better what is best.


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