few tips for easy rezqi or sustenance

Posted by sazali


Last night i read a book about good living called easy rezqi.

It recommended us doing the followings

1.  Take care of our daily prayers. Improve our prayers like our recitation of the Holy Quraan. Dont read too fast like the parrots. Learning 1 huruf of the Al Quraan better than doing nafil prayers blindly.

2.  Don't hesitate to help the needy and the poors

3.  Take care of our relationship between our dear relatives i.e., parents, uncles, aunties, cousins, second cousins, son, daughter and of course neighbours

4.  Don't be jealous.  Feel eager read the quraan better as days proceed yearly and feel eager to give out more charities

5.  Read darood to our dear Prophet Muhammad s.a.

6.  Avoid committing major sins like syirik, zina, lyings ( liars)

7.  Make doa

8.  Make repentance

9.  Always smile to your old mum and dad. Give present to your old dad examples a walking stick, good wheel chair but sometimes giving him younger wife could solve many kinds of problem provided your mum is no more around.  Sending him to umrah is also good. Can you? He he he.

10.  Always say nice to people examples that is good,  nice hand beg there and so sorry dear.

He he he.

lastly dont fight with each other. Respect your wife and children. Say nice about them 24/7. God willing ... we all have a much better lives from now onwards.



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