panic state of mind

Posted by sazali


When does one turn panic?

Here i give you 10 conditions when panic can creep in:

1.  You lost your wallet in Hanoi. Not many Vetnamese would buy your stories.
2.  You climb a hill from Kuantan to Kuala Lumpur. Suddenly you noticed your petrol is 'red'
3.  You drive a local made car. It was in the city centre. Everything not moving. Suddenly some smoke coming out from the front. Inside the car, your MIL. She can hardly walked. Mind you she is 90 to 120 kg. My God.
4.  You went to an international conference in Europe. You saw many presentations. Looking at those attempts, you realize yours is quite brief in terms of many aspects. May be the programming is not thorough enough. May be ..the break through was not to the conference's mark.
5.  You wanted to catch a flight. It was 0700 am. The subuh came at 0600am. After the prayer in a local masjid, the taxi you had hired could not restart. What a day?

6.  You brought your wife studying abroad. One day she was in the delivery room. You got 5 children outside with you. Hours fly. Minutes fly. No news about your wife yet. Your youngest started crying for his milk ...and suddenly the doctor came out. Your new baby had come Mr Khalido but your wife under construction. Aduhhhs.

7.  You just came out from the university library. It was already late. Your plan is to get the last bus home. Walking hurriedly to the bus stand, an old lady shouted. The bus has just gone! Bloody hell.

8. You like saturday boot shopping. Your family always go for the shopping. One day you came back. Your computer system was missing. So did all your passports. Flying home for good is just 2 months away. Oh my God.

9.  You got a tummy ache. After business, you realizsed there is no water. You shouted for help not realizing you are in Moscow. Outside, the traffic was too much as compared to your shout for help. What are you going to do?

10.   Your girl made a mess in the pakistani house in Saltley, Birmingham. The landlord demanded full compensation. Your money just enough for daily biscuits and some jam only. What are you going to do daddy?

He he he.
Panicking come and go.
You must learn to survive.
Having kids and making new ones ...made your day abroad.
Finally when you touched down in Kuala Lumpur you must kiss the ground and say ..thank you Allah. All these made you a real man, huh?
He he he darling.



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