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The word useless means hopeless, cannot depend on him or her at all during good or bad times,


Useless parents.
Nothing giving. Everything they demand us to do. Very bossy. They expect us to respectv them  ...unknowingly they never know, we are wide awake , when we saw how they treated their own parents once upon a time.  They never say thank you.

Useless friends.
They like to take ours all the time yet they are fussy with their small petty things.
They like to copy most of the assignments yet ...they start checking their time if we want him to fetch us at the bus stand in the early hours of the day.

Useless teachers.
They never prepare. They come to school with the least preparation and the most expectation.

They create trouble to everyone especially their mouth. They have good network with their own species. So watch out!  Many principals are losing sleep and appetite thinking about this group of staff.

Useless business
Good times there is little business.
Bad times nothing doing. Better not selling any more. Why? May be our face and technique are very boring.

Useless information
Most of this info ...describe the same thing.
600 am please wake up.
800 am time to work.
900 am Send the boys to their nursery.
930 am Time to be a bit serious.
1300 pm Time for lunch.
1900 pm time to close shop.

Very predictable.

Useless leaders
Taking decades and decades of newspapers as our main references, useless leaders had the following characteristics.

a)  corruption, corrupted, corrupt
They used the population's money for their lavish life style
b)  they spread lies and more lies
c)  womaniser. Usually the woman got killed if she showed any signs of retaliation, rebellious, extreme demand
d)  they talk big and surprisingly they got a small stone if confronted by their own smaller yet plumming wife
e)  and many more before they got caught and humiliated both in their own country or abroad
f)  they left their country and sooner they dropped dead some where there.

That is all for today.  Please be of use to your own parents, society and country.
if you cannot be a great leader, be a simple teacher. A simple friend and of course a simple parent to someone you love most.

5)  useless writings

writing has an objective and story. Without any specific objective, it is dangerous to write.
if your writing is dirty..then one day you will get humiliation by your own children and blood.
So to write, please ask yourself. What is the writing for?

5.1  my writing about fear doing phd ...the objective is to advice potential candidates doing phd abroad

5.2  my writing about Ustazah P.M.Dr Syarifah ...the objective is to share what i heard about mauludul rasul

5.3  my writing about Chapter 6 concluding chapter PHD ...the objective is to share.

sorry i did not ask any money.
But Allah is kind, merciful and grace ..i got better health and i appear a bit more happier after this writing. Insya allah.

All forms of act will be counted by the al mighty Allah.  Allahu akbar. Do it sincerely. Shall we?
See you again.

Al Fatihah


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