Part 3 thinking about you

Posted by sazali


Islam is very important in my country.
From here halal and haram food is introduced.
Without islam, we can eat like any pig. I think.

And without islam, we can live like the animals. What do you feel?
Islam teaches us ...dont disturb the girls, woman and other peoples wives.

islam said ..begging is haram.  When u got nothing to eat, u can beg. Upper hand is better than the lower hand. But if you beg when you do not really need, u get humiliated. Face value is too expensive to maintain. Not only a day ...but history of man kind will print  you disgraceful old man.

Islam has arab as its background.
All prophets came from arabia peninsular.

I have never heard any prophet from India eating roti canai or tandoori.
None from China and also none from Malaysia.

So arabs and their cultures have a big followers here. Jubbah, long beard, jilbabb, perfume attar type and beads.
Arab are very rich too.
They have 3 types of pipes in their houses. Water, hot water and petrol. This isvthe result they got from crusades between islam and christianity. So they drive very big cars. Sometimes only 1 car on streaches of highways.

Since arab is so important and rich.
ONE fine day , our big man ask them for money.  O ..that time the arab was on the sick bed.

They sent billions of money to Malaysia. I heard it was meant for power and general elections.
Since our BNM cannot handle that big money, some trickled into our big man's personal account.  Surprise surprise ..this type of dealings , the BPR can just look and do nothing.

This was where the great story exploded all over the world 2014, 2015. We became famous out of nothing. Islam ask us to do things sincerely but now ... every muslim a bit confused.

2)  After so many months we began to realize
Malay 's big man taught us how to get donation then. Other than haji, umrah, asking around for donation is also in their agenda.  May be.  Blind me.

Imagine that? No wonder when I was in mecca in 1996, I saw many poor beggars on the streets. Only poor beggars beg from people man.

We can make a book entitled - The art of begging for power (at all cost) using this as a model.
I think the Indians, Chinese will buy this too.

Tun Mahathir got to buy one too. Please book my dear Tun.
He could not get any donation during his time but walo walo ..some one else can. So we must salute that big man.

That is part 3, I think. My country and the big donation. Foreigners have not stopped laughing at us actually. What happen to your beautiful country, saz?

Wallahu aklam.


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