Good to be a bit smarter

Posted by sazali


Life is not all that easy after all, right?

As a simple local citizen, it is wise to see the horizon with the following problem

1)  too many foreigners in this country finding  it quite difficult getting jobs and earning decent money.  Even if they get one, they are underpaid all the  time.
2)  graduates without jobs.  Even if they find any, the jobs did not go along according to their studies
3)  educated and well trained mums trying to reenter the working world. They can move within a limited area except online duties
4)  those who got good jobs in 2000 , buying properties and assets ..  find themselves suddenly without any jobs to service those properties. Now a bit hell, I think. True what my parents used to say. The sun did not shine every day. Sometimes the rain comes unexpectedly.
5)  exchange rate.  Malaysian Ringgit is falling.  It is not good to work here anymore. That is what my philippinnes friends confess
6)  MUET Band 2.  Someone got this grade few times already.  Is there any chance to graduate my boy? DONT be sad. Those with Band 3 they are no better. Must be tough. Everyday the world is saying we are led by someone who dish us just pack of

Lies.  The irony is ... some professors, sultans, mulvis seems to nod their heads ..all the time. If in Pakistan and India ... he will see himself blown off. Remember Mathamat Ghandi. Mr Bhutto. Mr Araffat. Here all seems tak apalah. Must have good faith with our leader lah. Support BN july 1st our pay going to increase lah. That is what we are told all the times.
7)  the cost of marrying a simple malay lady  is getting more and more expensive.
8)  no worry, some one got married. After some times, the society is asking when is the baby coming. After it comes then when is the next one? We go crazy ...entertaining their enquiries which is never ending. Better put hot cili into their mouth for being so busy body.
9)  last time some one got a good job. After retrenchment, they try food business. First year it is worth selling ....but sooner one will see we cannot maintain the same food all the time because .. customers have different taste and they are undergoing series of changes.
10)  in the end, it is good to be grateful with whatever we have. Trying to live according to our pay is the most smartest way to survive. Since i am a teacher, trying to teach well is always my motto.  Hopefully some students are praying for me to be blessed and healthy living happily ever after.


Any suggestion please?

Allah knows better.


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