what is syirik?

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50 years ago an ustaz ( religious teacher) told me and my friends , syirik is ...if we pray to the statue, idols like those in the temple.  If we pray and work hard only for the money. This is also syirik.

Allah forgives everything except syirik.

That was what i learnt half a century ago. Wow ..how fast time moves on and on. Now the idols have changed in form and concepts. Please read more ...tq.

2)  now many people think as follows

2.1  if someone protects him, then he is ok.
AS a result, he will do everything what was instructed from the top.

How? He obeys all orders. Good orders he will submit using all his might. Stupid orders ...he will submit too blindly. He didnt care much. As long as he gets position, power, fame, glory and everything.
He will obey.

2.2  his job gives him sustenance...

So he will do everything to keep the jOb.

In doing so, he misses his prayers especially the dawn
He miss his fastings.
He eats everything halal, haram all he eats like pigs ...

sometimes, he thinks ...obeying Allah is not so much important anymore.
When azan is called out, he ignores it.
When teaching about deen is on, he pretends to be busy.
so he will escape everything related to deen...

if he attends one, he comes with a heavy heart
but for dunia, he is willing to die for the nation, fame and glory. So in short, the nation comes first than the Al Mighty.

2.3  he thinks other things are above Allah.
All the times. Any time.
by doing so, he thinks Allah can be ignored.

Every time people talk about the laws of allah, he kept  deaf ears.
Everytime he saw zina, he said what can he do when doing the act of prohibiting, catching the actors actresses in action are things he could have done at all cost within his jurisdiction. More over he has a big team to check the vices.

Alas he did not think it is very important..

2.4 he spends all his times reading everything under the sky except Al Quraan.  Even

if he reads the translation, he radiculed the commandments of his Lord using his brain and carnal desire

and many more.?

in fact if we think deeply there is other entity worthy to be worshiped other than ALLAH
You have committed syirik.

please dont brothers n sisters in islam...  dont syirik to Allah

it is not worth ...it. plz. Why? All of us is going to die.  Death is true.  Old age is also true. Retiring is also true. Dying of heart disorders is also true. The whites are dying and so do you too. No body can escape ...you?

wallahu aklam


1.  Ustaz Hassan ( Ameer Shaheeb).  Markaz TabLigh. CHERANG. Kota Bharu 1995 - 2000
2.  Al Quraan. The Miracle.  Indonesia: $$$ press


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