What i think part 1

Posted by sazali


Many things have happened in my beloved country Malaysia.

I list 3 here

1)  two airplanes lost in the air and at sea.  nobody can help successfully
2)  BN no wonder they can win all these times. They gave money to get a support

3)  many foreigners in this country.

My opinion

No need to fight BN.
Not democratic any more.
I think those who got positions are just helping the BN to win and win endlessly anything here. Projects and ..you name it ..they know better.


He he he.
I thought PAS was great.
Given the oppkrtunity ..they let Brother Anwar to lead.
See?  They should have led the opposition front.

In short they got no one.

Tq. I think that is enough for today. I write more later.

Malaysia has lost everything. No stone to fight any more.


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