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Many years ago I went to WSEAS meeting/ international conferences in Corfu Island , Greece and Tenerife Island, Spain.  Before that, I was in Hanoi and Acheh.

I presented my paper on the first day.

Usually during my presentation , not many audiences at all wanted to see my findings.  May be I was new in my field and  not handsome enough to their eyes.  He..he..he..

It was Ok for me.  I won't die if nobody come at all to see my presentation.  He..he..he..

Sometime I heard , someone got 3 audiences in his room during the parallel presentation.  He thought they were interested parties.  No No No .. one was the event program manager and the other one , the next presenter after him.  Great time , wasn't it?  [ great laugh]

But I observed few important things.

2)  Our malaysian friends were eager to watch other peoples' presentation.

If their own country men..  I think they were least interested.  Why?  They had heard much about our presentation so far at home.

3)  During dinner , welcoming party ..  many of us ..shy away with many excuses.  Some mentioned about '..not bringing good fitting clothes'.

3.1  I think we should mingle along with the crowds
If they took the best food for the night, I just took apples and fresh juice. But I never buck off. This is the only time to meet many people ..having the same interest.  I think?
3.2  I did mingle some way or other .. just to share ideas and experiences.  Some time I got their business card.  I also brought mine.  Even though it was very simple info about my self but I got mine too.  My busines card you?  When I got it, I try my best to befriend those professors .. in my future e-mails.

3.3  many of my friends were so afraid about halal and haram issues.  I think they should have gone to Qatar or Mekah International Conferences instead.  I am sure these places would provide them with few kg of halal beef, mutton and chicken.  God Willing!

Some took maggie mee plus dried sprinkled sambal daging .. when every body was enjoying themselves at the pool.

3.4  during the high table ..  not many malaysians joined including the professors. I think they were 'shy' to discuss with the experts from the whole world regarding their work, books, journals, impact factors  and specialization.
In our culture , shyness is part of iman.

3.5  Second day/ third day of the conferences ..not many malaysians were around any more.  I heard they went to the muzuem, castles , beaches and central town  to snap many photos. Thanks there were video cameras and many other handphones.

After conferences, they returned with so many of their own photos examples them smiling beside a stone tiger, old castles and ..  many more exotic places.

If in Malaysia, they were 65kg ,  after coming home from WSEAS conferences they weigh 60kg ..  because they did not eat enough food for the last 4 days overseas. Pity them, right?

But it was ok for me since I was a marathon runner.  I did not take much water .. it was justt ok.
After all, the university paid a lot for us in attending any oversea conferences.  I tried my best to capture as many research methods and findings from the conferences  plus ..if (got time) my own photos with the Pakistani, Nigerian students near the beach.  Very seldom I got western models in my photograph.  Else the self guru ustazah at home will scrutinize many things ..  about my adventure in Greece and Spain.  He..he..he..

My objective was .. getting my PhD at last .. dead or alive!  insya allah.

With that .. hopefully, my friends will attend the conferences the best that you can.  The chance only came once in your life time.  Appreciate it .. all the while.  say TQ UTHM.  will you?


Ist paper (Greece):  Mustafa Md Deris, Ali Mamat, Miswan Surip, Sazali Khalid
2nd paper(Spain):  Sazali Khalid, Maizam Alias, Wahid Razally, Zurinah Suradi


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