Part 4- do the thinking my sons

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God gives us brain.

Our brain is not the same like that of an animal.
Even though elephants got bigger body mass their brains cannot build a building like KLCC and what not.

In the Holy Quraan there are many places, Allah asked us to think.
By thinking we can appreciate Allahs creations.

What are they?
Water, rivers and oceans.
Hills and mountains.
Man and woman. (Did you see any difference chinese, mongolian or russian?).

Black marathon runner versus malaysian marathon runner.
Our breathing , respiratory and digestive systems.
Reproductive cycles.
AND many more.

From here, if we think enough, we will realise how big and great our creator is,

MOTHER loves the young ones.
Mother cow doesnt kill her young ones. She wont crushed young ones.
These loves come from what ikhsan is.

The white helps the black and vice versa.
The Nepal shows the directions for those who want to climb everest.

Responsibility, commitment, leadership, perseverance, attitude, grace,   all these comes from Allah.

Only ifvwe think wisely, confidently then . wisdom and hikmah comes.

Layers and layers of skies. Blue, white. Shining low and far. From the skies, here comes the rain.
All within the sight of us mankinds with all kinds of greeneries.

Are these naturally created?

It comes from Allah command kun fayakunn.

2)  some people eat all the time, but body weight 50kg.
Some people eat once a week, but body weight 100kg. Why?

If we think, we will see the power of God Al Mighty.

Some people married living together 20 years.
Love you love me. Every where they go. Together but alas No baby?

Some people rarely meet.
One Kelantan. The other one in New Zealand. So far away. Only skype ..ease their tension. Sometimes touch screen or share screen.
But ..they got babies with curly hair and many more with unexpected home comings. Why? What happeng teacher?

the answer is ...all from Allah.

some people got married.
during their ceremony many dignitaries came.
flowers alone .... 2 million ringgit billings.
but after so many days..they fight and divorce.  So what is this!
While other story is

They did not have any meat in the marriage ceremony
No flowers what so ever. Only bees from the palm oil trees.  Buzzing near their ears.

But they got many bananas of different shapes, texture and length. Some yellow and some had turned solid brown because of heat and constant sunshine.
after few moons, here comes the baby boy.
pretty skin and smile like a banana too.

he he he..

God's gift and blessings.

if we use our brains,
we won't get cheated easily in 2013, 2014, 2015.

3)  The story called billions from Arab
i think .. you think ... we all think ... my kampung people said may be 'cheating' lah.

 Honest people, they will shout their innocence at all cost at any time. But not here.

Why say that?

use your brain lah.

God ask us to think.
so after thinking seriously....i conclude some how to the same effect as above.

Tq. Use your brain my son. Allah ALWAYS Loves the truth. TRUTH BUT only the truth. Can?



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