simple thoughts really matter

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After our parents and siblings the next group of people we should respect are our own

Grand parents, uncle, unties, cousins, second cousins , near relatives and far far relatives.
In politics, this is a simple crony.

In the Holy Quran we are asked to take care of our own crony.

Blood is thicker than water.

2) We cannot buy this blood relationship.

In the tradition of the Holy Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.  those who take care of their blood relation, they will have a longer life.

Moreover, they will look happier and fine all the time.

3)  why?

If they are happy, they will extend their help to the others.
IF they are in difficulty, they can get instant help from their own relatives.

We can measure hw good one is by looking how nice he treats his own relatives.

4)  how much is the cost of this good brotherhood?

the answer is no money can buy.
that is why

4.1  when there is a wedding, you better go

4.2  when there is death, you better respond

4.3  when there is a need to visit your sick uncles better show your face.

all these ..somebody is recording your good acts unknowingly.

One day when you are gone R.I.P

mere mentioning of your name

the whole population will help your children and grandchildren. Someone will come from a far far place to see everything is fine with your sons and daughters. Please rest assured about this.

that is the beauty of good conduct of yours with your cousins and the near ones WHEN you are still fit like a black horse.



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