Conference - FIRST TIMER

Posted by sazali


You are very lucky to attend a conferens/ intenational seminar .

Put away the fear.  Use this chance the best that you can.  Get to know more new friends from abroad.  Get to know experts from USA, UK, Japan and Taiwan.  To do that, you must have a bisnes card.

In the card you print like this

" sazali Khalid - Phd candidature -  UTHM, Parit Raja  email address:       phone:  "

By having this, you look a bit professional and damn serious.

Do your best.

2)  Presentation is about 15 - 20 minutes only.

Puttingg too many slides is not a smart way to present in the conference.  I know you are a bit nervous.   If you do it, the intention is to not ..inviting any comments and feedback from the audiences.

The better way is prepare 5 slides.  This will take 5 - 10 minutes only.

The rest of the time is for the audiences' comments and attack ( if any).

If you can handle comments and attacks .. it means you are taking small steps towards becoming an expert.

Comments mean ..  you are taking another view from the outsiders.  So be prepared!

PhD means ..a licence to be an expert in your particular field.

Ok with that note .. I wish you all the best .. all the time.  Every time , I mean?



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