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Last few days I lost my close friend.

Yesterday, before I exited from the masjid, the imam announced 2 more deaths around my place. One an old man second a young lady.

Now Mr. OSS.

2)  Did you see the angels of death Izrael are working very hard to get us one by one.
From one village to another.
Town to town.
City to city.
State by state.
Country by country.

they zoomed in fast in many directions according to thd orders from thdir master Allah.

The above news should alert us
Who are

2.1 neglectful
2.2 disobedient
2.3  bad akhlak and muamalat
2.4  liars
2.5  borrowers
2.6  slanderers and
2.7  hypocrites

Let us now come back to good senses and do plenty of taubats

We must do something to help ourselves today, tomorrow and in the coming future. Death is real my friends. It is very real indeed.

Before i go,
Just to remind myself firstly, mind you,

After death, three 3 things accompany us

First, good amal
Second, good children who always pray for us and
Third, the knowledge we part and the charity we give to the wide wide world.

HOW aboutvfriends, sir?

Some friends are good during nice times
Some friends will leave us after pension
And what more many of our friends ..immediately left us after our burial.

How about your young wives?

huh huh huh.
They will cry a day or two.
a week, a month may be..

at most a year and after that ...he..he..he... someone will get her especially if she is a good looking lady with monthly pension from your hard earnings once upon a time.

as a result
let us be those

who befriend becausd of Allah
and we part ways because of Allah too.


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