being sincere

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Sincerity is a tough commodity.
In islam all actions must be sincere.  Else it is worthless in the eyes of God Allah.

Our prayers 5 times daily must be sincere.
Our good deeds to our families must be sincere too.
My teaching.
My writing ..
My donations no matter small or big
Everything must be sincere.

How to measure sincerity?
Is there anything called a ruler that could measure my sincerity?
I dont know.

If i know, rest assured i will tell every body
So that we can all go to the heaven.  Easy.

Does anybody know out there?
Dont hesitate , letting me know. Plz.

From my taklim at home
I read something like this

Sincerity is like a hair in a bowl of dry flour.
If you pull the hair out from the flour
The condition of everything remains the same.
No sign of the hair being removed from the flour at all.
oooghhh.. i think this is not easy.  The hair is the sincerity.

well that is sincerity

according to my blessed wife
if i mention this and that to her
all my good deeds to her and children since year 1800
to 2017

then there is completely no sincerity.
in malay it is called ungkit mengungkit.

This vitamin called ungkit mengungkit
is very famous among the top poliiticians.

they built roads
theybbuilt schools
they built uthm
they built k l i a
everything under the sky, they built.

so .. according to my wife
BN will get nothing in the after world.  What they got is the coconuts rolled over his body from left to right.  Pity.  Tok Bomoh.

in family life
that same vitamin is a big bore
especially when the man and wife is about to fight.
the man mention his sacrifices. Driving his toyota up n down the roads buying chickens, potatoes, tandoories.  Next come the lady. She will scream now while
mentioning her cooking, washing,
wife  washing, ironing,  and  etc

as a result, they divorce.  The woman will cry the loudest.  Due to that all animals show pity on her.  All animals cry.  Soon the world got flood.  Heavy one.  Sign of sympThy.
the man?  He will cry much louder soon if a rohingya man marries her janda who is a doctor in Putrajaya.  That time, all animals will laugh at him again n again until the hereafter appears over the horizon.


sincerity is tough.
so close your eyes
wait yourself to die.
what to do
since u wanted heaven, right?

the route is
you have to die first.

you want that man?


Dont worry.  Be  h.ppy.


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