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We human cries.
First day we cried.  Why?  We felt unsecured away from our mothers side.

The final day of our lives also, many of us cries. Why?  Fear. Where are we going next?

Crying produces many tears.
Our faces soar.  Many cry for days non stop. Look at those lost at seas.

Many kinds of factors that create crying.

1.  Fear, anxiety
2.  Pain
3.  Extreme joy
4.  Hate
5.  Hunger
6.  Useless
7.  Hopeless
8.  Frustration
9.  Boredom
10.  Regret

So where do we belong?

I can explain some here.
We cry because we regretted not studying very hard.
We missed so many opportunities climbing the ladder in our career just because our final result was 50% only.  Our friends scored so high.
We regretted marrying a useless partner.
He knew so little about the outside activities other than his small  hut making putu bamboo.
We regretted taking loans.
Ah long is looking for us.  Sooner we shall be killed.  No way out!

We cry because of pain.
Child at birth.
Most women cries.
After delivery also they cry looking at the babies for the first time. Some premature.  Some too big. Some mix up.  The mother is white but the baby is black and vice versa.  Now everybody knows the games she was up to all this while.

some cried.
they met their loved ones after being released after 50 years in jail.
now the tears coming out ..without control.
they got to cry looking at many parts of his body.
He got diabetes.
soon his legs going under the big chop.

Some boys cry.
they cannot stand the hunger.
so hungry.  Fasting for the first few days.
some girls cry too.
they got to pay back 10 days fasting
when their friends are eating ice cream in the canteen.

so painful ..going hungry.  That's why no body to blame.  Why we cry?

Actually 2 drops of tears that are really appreciated by Allah.
first the drop of blood in the battlefield between muslims and the non muslims. Refer to the battles of Badar and Uhud.
second the drop of tears repenting all his bad sins in the dead of night such as producing fitnah, cooked up story, jealousy, running away from fighting against the enemies,  zina, riba, cheating, stealing, killing, bombing, aborting, being unfaithful, wasting rakyats money with useless purchases and projects,  miss his solat ever since, miss his fasting,  disobeying his own parents, killing his teacher and many more syirik.

gtg now.  So tired.
źźźzzzz  zzz  zz



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