mental stamina

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There are 2 kinds of stamina.
First the physical one.
Next is the mental stamina.

Let me explain a bit.
Mind you?

If you are running a marathon with the kenyan runners
Your running depends a lot on the physical stamina.
If you dont have this other runners will leave you behind in the olympic stadium.

To get physical stamina you must practice carefully.
Some runners run in the water near the beaches.
The deeper they run
Hopefully the stamina improves.

Now another kind of stamina is more urgently needed to win gold, silver and bronze medals.
This is called mental type.  You strategize your work.  Since a strategy is employed, you must play with the game.

To complete a computerb program that is needed by a client
You need mental stamina.
You must entertain many kinds of request from your rich clients.
Some requests are too easy but some
Bloody difficult.
The art of handling the requests until you get the pay cheque is called mental stamina.
From records, many people lose this.
As a result, they did not get repetitive jobs from the same clients.
Next is writing a thesis ..a corrected thesis after your viva.
It takes 2 months to a year to make corrections.
But you must correct ypur work
And hand in the better work.

This was left by many students.
Even though they talk and talk about
Patience and perseverance

They failed.
They cannot stand this torture.

As a result they came home empty handed.

another case is married couples who decided to go separate ways.
the man cannot take any more the short comings of their partner.
too clever woman cannot stay long with a weak man.
Why?  Mental stamina?

according to a reliable source in Malaysia
we saw 200 divorce cases daily for the last 5 years among muslims.
why?  Mental stamina in handling financial difficulties.
Stupid actions by her partner
knocking some cars out of the blue in the highway.
She cannot take it any more
and the next thing, you pack and go.  See the importance of mental stamina.
you dont learn this any where.  It is given by somebody up there in the clouds.  I  think. You must have some knowledgge how to get brain power.

We must be strong.
Strong in our legs running
And strong in our heart and brain writing and writing
Until the examiners are fully satisfied with your correction.

when you got the rewards
you can jump high up to the clouds and
you can then write something for your students.

couples who stay faithfully for 5 decades
they can write a book.  Send this to the universities.  He he he.



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