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Everybody wants to be happy.
From the west to the east
Everybody aims to be happy in what ever way.  Please.

Here are some steps.
1.  You must be happy as a start.
If your face is a worrying type,
Nobody trusts you as a happy prophet.

2. To be happy, you must be healthy.
You can run, walk, toilet, eat, swim all by yourself.
If you can do the toilet business by yourself
That is a good sign you are a happy lot.
3.  Eat well.
A plate of rice is good.
A plate of rice plus a chicken wing is much better.
A plate of rice, chicken wings plus vegetables and fruits ..

Wow that is pretty good, right?
say Alhamdulilah.

4.  You must talk nice.
Talk nice to your mum, dad, wife,
Neighbours and of course our IGP.  This igp  controls the police force. Dont mess with him.  You go jail manñ.

To talk nice, you must think nice.
Think nice of others.
If they help you in your studies
Say something sweet.
It is so good to be with you lah.

5.  Learn to give.
Giving is the best act being hAppy.
Giving is an element of a big set called Happiness.
Give your smile.
Give good words.
Share your food there with your friends my grandson Irshad.
if they take your little rice, take his chickens wing for yourself a bit.  Can?

If you can practice that
you do not need to be PM
happinesss is god's  gift to you and those selected few.

being a PM but you can not sleep well
what is the real purpose of life with that big post?

think ok?
smile and stay happy please.


if you are always happy
one day you gonna go to the heaven happily.  Trust my words.


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