blind men and women

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In this world, a blind man needs our help.
With us, the blind man can be safe.
Not only in the day, they will be safe from danger and death during the night.
If they hear and follow the man with the eyes, they will live much more longer.
Can you follow?

He he he..

If I am blind
And i did not listen to your advice
Soon i will be knock down by the traffic and of course
Next time I will be  in the next world.

simple, right?

2)  our beloved prophet Muhammad s.a.w
is a man that have the eyes meant for akhirat.
He went to see hell and heaven within 1 night.
check israk  migraj.

He told us
hell is full of interesting and sweet things from this world.

robbery, theft
lies, cheating
riba,  taking usury
drinking wine
missing 5  times daily prayers
taking haram food
taking haram rezeki
and many more.


He told us  also
heaVen is so nice but very difficult to get

heaven is full of
hardship, sacrifices
zakat, alms giving
obeying the old parents
taking halal food everywhere we go
redha and qanaah
so  tough?


no matter what you think

we are blind as far as heaven n hell is concerned.
so to  be safe
we must follow the man with the right eyes.  Is that ok?  Just follow our Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

Allahu Akhbr.

i told u  already, didnt  I?
i also remind my self too.

till then


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