tips in praying tahajud

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Solat tahajud is the best solat to ask special request from the Al Mighty Allah in the dead of the night.
Allah is the most powerful being in controlling this earth up 7 layers to the sky and down 7 layers towards the ocean and the most deepest crux in the lowest ground underneath us.

As such dont waste the opportunity to ask from HIM every morning.

Tips to pray tahajud.

1.  Avoid from doing, committing any sins.  Stay away from TV, Astro, internet, smrtphone
2.  Sleep a bit earlier say 2200 hours.
3.  Istighfar a lot please.  Seek repentance.
4.  At 0400 hours please wake up.
5.  Now you have 1 solid hour to pray tahajud.  Call this chapter 1.  Only 2 rakaats.
6.  Take ablution.  Dont forget to brush your teeth.
Allah loves good smell from the mouth.  Petai, durian smell ...  flush n guggle them out.
7.  Read al fatihah. After Ameèen ..
8.  Read 3 last ayat from surah Hashr
Read them properly.  Dont rush.
If Brazil is trailing West Germany in World cup, dont worry.
Let themm be.  So what if the score 1 -7?

9.  In the second rakaat
Read Al Fatihah
Read ayat 10 to 22  surah Nuh or any other surah from the Holy Quraan.
If you can't remember
Please make good effort to memorize beginning now please.

10.  After the end of this 2nd rakaat  .

give salam.  This is the end of chapter 1.  10 minutes I  think.

Then  we are now in the 2nd chapter of solat tahajud.  There is also 2 rakaats.
just repeat the above if you want.  Else you are freee to read al fatihah and other surahs.

After all finishing  now you have taken 20 minutrs already.
You can now ask al  Mighty Allah.
When asking ..ask politely.  Imagine you are a beggar asking something from the greatest power on earth.  Start with  daroood or salawat nabi

Ask anything ok?
Usually i ask 10 things.  This may take 40 minutes.  You can use your mother tongue to ask.
1. Ask for good health
2.  Good young and fit wife ( the best asset a man can have..right?)
3.  Good children
4.  Good students
5.  Good food, nice travel on MAS or SIA
6.  Good rezeki, friends
7.  Good thinking, writing and teaching
8.  Good readings of Al Quraan, journals, articles, newspapers
9.  Good touch.. if  i  touch a green leaf n it turns gold immediately.  Wow!  Magic in the making.
10.  Good ending of my life example you fly you fly then you disappear.

Ya robb
Forgive me.
I have done my best with your permission of course.



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