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We can write many things about islam.
If you are rich, islam tells us about zakat and charities.
If you are poor, islam warns us not to beg.
But there are too many beggars in this dunia.

The  reasons may be:
1.  They did not have enough education
2.  They wanted instant cash.  The fastest route is begging.

The above lines are about general beggars.  I saw this every where. Beggars from India and the same group begging on the streets in Malaysia.

How about rich people who rob the population?
Aren't  they worse than beggars?
It is good if Allah catch these beggars with
Some harsh punishments
Just like what He did centuries ago.
Pure cheatings
these are worse than beggings.

3.  Islam has ulamaks. Scholars.  They teach islam but in this dunia
there are 2 groups of ulama.
good and bad ones.

The good talk and walk their talk. Usually they come out poorly because by practising taqwa and zuhud , they do not need all the great things from this dunia.

the bad ulama ..
with rural people
they stress on halal and haram.
maksiat and hell fire.

but bad ulama
when they are with the rich people
it seems all things just  nice  and ok.

what was wrong in the society
nothing came out from the mouths of the ulama.
only doa so that
we can go to heaven both you and me.

4.  Islam warns about sincerity.
all actions must be sincere.
i hope i am sincere.
i try my best to be sincere.
but there is no guarantee.  Just hope Allah accepts our good deeds and forgive the bad ones.  In between the fear of Allah and the mercy of Allah we beg Allah pardon us and admit us into the heaven.

he he he
islam talks about a very delicate line between 2 things.  First extreme,
a prostitute helping a dog in a hot desert and
she was sent to paradise

while the other extreme, there were 3 groups of good people who were all sent to hell.
Who were they?
and of course generous rich man and woman.  They did all the deeds for show and other worldly benefits. I cannot blame them, can I?

Allah created us.
So  HE is the one who is
the final judge


we go to the heaven or who the hell dwellers are.

we must take care of our daily solat.
solat the first thing will be asked in the court of Allah.  So watch out.  After solat make lots and lots of doa.
Dont be loss with gadgets.  Read al quraan too.

al fatihah


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