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Mad  is an english word that means ..something is wrong with you.  Ooops your brain I mean.

Examples of madness.
Mad with his children.
Mad with woman and sex.
Mad with money and power and
Mad with research.

Today I want to write briefly about
Somebody who is mad with power politics and money.

usually top leaders in any country are mad with this.
sometimes they follow all the rules.
sometimes not.
they will do what ever they like as long as they stay in power.

They will use the police, army and anything
All under the name of power.

some of the above police and army
they know what they are doing is utter rubbish

since they have to abide
many top level instructions
they keep  doing what is logically wrong.

good example.
once upon a time
the top men played with a hooker
suddenly they employed few hungry  police low ranking officers
to be in the game.
one night somebody blew the girl
and the stupid police got the blame.  OMG!

mad people
mad stories
may Allah puts them in hell.
let them die in disgrace.  Torture them in this dunia  ya Robb.  Let us know who this bastards are.  Easy.  We can learn and we let known their stories like what Allah wrote in the Al Quraan.

oh  god
please disgrace them
in all ways you can.
( if you are really up there).  Please.


2)  now men  women are mad with health, forever young and  strong sex
they will swallow all kinds of pills.  You name them
everything they eat as long as stay tip top.
what to do?
they are just mad.

3)  last time all lecturers must commit more time on research.
after research, they must publish.
they told publication, you perish...really?  But i  check
there is none about their research ..anywhere.
Mad mad world.



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