modern society

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In the year 1800 the people at that time thought they were very modern.
But as 1900 came,  what was modern 100 years ago was just nothing.

Similarly during Tun Mahathirs rule his ideas were considered very modern as parallel to the Japanese, South Koreans and the chinese believed and practiced.
He constructed many things.  Examples 800 km highway from Perlis to Johor.
Then he built many modern buildings like KLCC, Twin Towers and LIMA.

But it did not take long
Here comes Najib, Rosmah with TN50.
They transformed everything expensive.  Some one who was supposed to die in 2090, now death has come so soon. Why?  Everything expensive.

Some flowers which hardly cost rm1000
For any malay wedding
They did theirs with millions of flowers but
Alas their son in law is not living here.

They want everything to be changed.
low pay.  Now high pay. Imagine SPM soldier earning so much.  Rm4000 plus plus before he retired.

Slow traffic
Now very fast traffic.  But alas so many accidents.  Every idiots can drive anything and kill every one.  Easy.

Slow policing
Now the police are very fast with everything.  They solved each case very fast.  This is really impressive because they used gadgets.  But one thing funny.  When the world wanted to zoom  in,  their CCTV is not working.

Slow teaching
Now the teachers are teaching very fast.
At the end may be may be the students cannot follow, they also cannot follow too the demands of the exams and everything A plus.

but ..

dont worry

all these fast actings
did not last so long.

just refer to the people year 1800 and 1900
each one would agree nothing is modern.
one day it will be old and ancient.

we as the citizens
we must learn some basic facts.
what we wear, eat, sing, think

soon they are all out dated.

our children , grand children will laugh
at our clothings, forks and spoons plus our Maggi Mee..

our modern era.

this will not last forever.

new modern complicated buildings in 2017
soon it will turn old come 2071.


our modern teeth?
did not last

our modern dress
is going funny one day.

as a result  i  advice myself first
do things simply

simple life
we shall die easier.

dont worry about death
It comes to us
one by one.

just accept it

there is no modern world.

it is just an image, mirage
nothing more
and nothing less.

Allahu akbar wa lillahil  ham.  Dont be cheated with modern living and debts as big as a mountain.  You die faster man.  Why not?  The countrys  debt has gone up RM900 billion.  Very  good  hehhhh.



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