success and failure

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Everybody hopes for success.
In business success is interpreted in the form of profit and more trading expansion.
In health success is interpreted in the form of cancer free, disease free and the citizen of a country understands some basic steps to install a happy family.

In education success is in the form of good overall performance by the teachers and students academically and sports.
Most importantly they know red light is to stop.

After success, there comes some failures.
We are human after all.
Am I  right?

This life is very boring if there is never a chance that we face any kinds of failure.
In hunting, out of 100 outings in the jungle
There is surely a day when the hunters came home with nothing to show.
They will try harder next time.

See the lions in Sahara.
They are trying their best to catch a deer for food.  Most days, they were successful
But at other times, their predators out beat them..

If we can understand this then according to Tom Sawyer
We can have a good life.
God willing.

He he he
In the eyes of Allah
Success is our utmost care of doing
Solat, zakat and fasting.
Please refer to surah al mukminun.

In solat we express our obedience to Allah.
We shall not indulge in evil doings
And we obey all commandments by Allah
As shown by Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

In zakat we contribute a small proportion of our wealth to the needy ones.
In zakat, we are trying to help the poor people.

In fasting
We begin to appreciate what is food
And what is hunger.
We can stand without food for a day
But look at some people
They have gone without food for so long.
Allahu akbar.
There we begin to feel what poor people
Are suffering.

With this we lead
A better life.  See?
success and failures are parts of our colorful lives.



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