between two things

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We have many choices in our lives.
Below are some of them.  Just read please.

1.  Marrying rich or poor lady.
2.  Marrying a working or non working lady.
3.  Marrying an african or local man.
4.  Eating local dishes or western.
5.  Driving Proton or Audi
6.  Praying subuh or not?
7.  Doing shopping during the friday prayers or not ?

And many more.

it is all entirely up to us.  Allah gives us the chances to choose.
In order to choose, make some listing.  The pros  and cons of taking A  and not B.
Do istikharah and ask Allah to help.

today i just pose you
2  conditions called happiness and sadness.
Which one do you prefer?
i cannot force you but ..

when we are too happy , we tend to forget Allah.
when we are with our folks and belongings
it is hard to take ablution and pray especially we had invested do much on our external beauty and dresses.
During wedding occasions some of us pray very late.  Some just don't  care any more.
Why?  We are too carried away with meeting our loved families and old friends.
We hugged everyone ..soon Allah is completely forgotten.

when we are sad
example accidents and
we always remember Allah.

well i do not the answwr.
but i think you know it right?

with that
i leave you in good faith
towards Allah and its prophet.


p/s.  Pardon me.  Dont take me wrong.
our nafsu and shaitan bigger than our brain. Pity?


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