success leading to something

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Many students and parents are too obsessed with SPM GCSE o levels results.
They will celebrate the success of their children if they scored 11 A plus.
Well they cannot be blamed.
Their joy is parallel to the school, teachers and MOE.

But they forgot one simple thing.

With SPM they can work as a clerk in the school.
With SPM they can try working as nurses provided they completed some basic courses in nursing.

I got many stories.
Many pretty girls went abroad in the 1970s.
After SPM.

After some time in foreign countries
They think living as a good muslimat  is much much better than completing their respective  degrees.
So they got married.

After some up and down
They quitted their studies.  Some due to poor health and some many more authentic reasons.  Just carry on ..

So they came home with their husbands, children, cars and groceries.
they brought back many things in fact
But alas , no degrees of their own to speak.


2)  if they had stayed home doing nursing
opening a restaurant, pounding beef to make ramli burgers
at least they can help their own parents any time by now ( i  think ).

now they have to ask their husbands
to help others in their own kampungs.

success in SPM leads to the present situation.  Qada n qadar.
the government is disappointed.
the rakyat so sad.  Why?  As
brilliant scorers in MCE SPM ..they came home to just becoming good n wonderful housewives.  What to do pak chik?

there is khair in everything.
u  say?

al fatihah.
wal asri



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