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Good morning

A research proposal is a short writing to a panel of experts
About your plan in doing a research.  It could be a research at masters or Ph. d level.

Don't worry.  It is difficult but it can be done.

Of course you cannot write this in an hour and then handed it to the panel.
I am sure it would be rejected.

My research proposal is not the same as my son in Brunel, London.
Both of us came from different faculties.

However a  r.p  has this format.

Literature Review
Problem Statement
Research Questions
Expected contribution

2)  when i was in Birmingham it took me more than a month to put a r.p to my supervisor.
it was my masters. Then I spent the next 6 months running a model with few students in two high schools followed with a dissertation.  In the mean time I have to see my SV once a week to report my work.

at the p.h.d level
the proposal was a bit harder.  But dont worry.  It can be done.
It was completed after a year.  (Laugh)

3)  from my little experience
the hardest was at the problem statement.
i.e., telling our SV what the research gap is.

Dont be surprise
if your SV would laugh at your work.

3.1  you did not give enough time thinking about your writing
3.2  your LR was every where, every thing
cut and paste
3.3  your methodology is vague

and of course the panel will reject it.

Hard luck.

4.  Try and get a Ph.d  thesis from your faculty
look at it.
look at how it was written.
Good  wasn't it?

look at the references.
Quite impressive right?

Don't worry.  You too can do it.

I better stop here.
Hopefully you can get started.
I wrote all my thesis in English.
along my writings i got thousands of rejections
but dont worry.

i am still here alive and well.  I can still drive every where except crossing the sea from Kota Bharu to Kota Kinabalu.  But
The good thing about this was  I was sent to few interesting countries in THE meditteranean
to present my work.  So nice ..very nice ..enjoying my breakfast in Italy, Greece and Spain.

After I passed
all my SVs  were promoted to full professors respectively.
One of them is an NC  now.  I  am sure they will smile reading this. TQ profs.

My little contribution right?




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