true and false

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Around us there are many true things that are happening daily.
I give 3 examples here.

1.   Dying
Rich man dies. Poor man dies too.
No matter what, all of us are sure to face death.

2.  Baby
If we get married, some of us going to get a baby.
Some don't.  They can wait longer.  From the wait, few gonna get babies but some don't.
Why?  It is not us who give baby.
If it is us, no baby is gonna be handicap.  All will be fine and happy.

3.  Students
Some students get good jobs.  Some dont.
But good jobs is no guarantee would give more happiness.
And sometimes bad jobs create more openings thus out of this more entrepreneurs appear..

other than true things
we also face false things.

1.  Promises
some rich people promise to sponsor
our football team in and out.
They painted the whole stadium with funny colours.
they brought business productx to service our football team for few years.
Looking at this trend, we thought
the world is gonna be at our feet.
Alas a big quarrel broke.
The wealthy man left thevteam for good.
in short, the rain has come.
now people look at the stadium and they are cursing its colour for
The colour is not for man.

2.  Beautiful model
when we are rich, so many models came.
they serve us all the time.
If they fall short, they put their bodies
as a cover.
All this is happening in the name of prosperity and fame.
We thought this is going on for ever.
But anything can happen in this world.
If we are not a good pay master,
the models would leave us with so many hidden and unhidden stories.
To control,
the pay master is willing to kill them.
Example Razak Bagindas story with the Mongolian model in Malaysia.
Lastly they put the blame on the stupid police.
Imagine.  The police can suck those story.
With money, they can create all kinds of stories.
And these stories, many people just swallow them.
Why? They said that the money is their god.

this world is full of cheats.
Either you cheat or some body going to cheat on you.
So easy.
To avoid this
build up your iman and amal.
Fear in Allah is the root of piety and happiness.  After death, Allah will take care of all these lies i.e., the cock and bull stories flying over our heads.

Thank you.  Astagh firullah hal azeeem.  Not many of us going to escape from these fitnah any more including our good ustaz, ustazah and mulvis.


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