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Yesterday the result of STPM was released.
So many students came top with all As.

The Minister ofvEducation looked so happy with all the improvements from all subjects.

As a father to a jobless doctor ( medicine)
The news did not bring any sense and pride.

My son scored the same too once upon a time.
Now he is jobless with many thousands of his top performing friends all over the country.

I am thinking ..
One day some malaysian graduates have to work abroad.
If that happen,
What is this?

Malaysia is a rich country.
We attract millions of outsiders into this country.
They are earning jobs and from here they send home money to their country of origin.

in sum
Every year we hear great success in stpm, spm.
but we did not do well when we are assessed
with the others internationally.  Pisa results tell many stories behind our so called brilliant results.

with jobless
what they talked is just
drawing big castles  in the clouds.

no meaning and ... better talk other useful things next please.



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