experience called ikhlas

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It is very difficult to achieve the state of sincerity in any kinds of our daily actions nowadays.

May I give you an example.

I did a research.
After the research i wrote for paper presentation and in UNIMEP 2012 my presentation won a silver.  Alhamdulilah.

Then the same paper after some processes was admitted into iJet journal for MTUN in UTeM Melaka.

As a lead researcher and first author of the paper of course i felt so happy and proud.  In fact i always refer that paper to my friends and studdnts.

2)  comments

As a human being, we are installed with many kinds of feelings such as humility, happiness, sadness, pride and many more.

2.1  pride
Who is  not happy with his effort that won something in the end of a struggle?
We were taught to compete at schools.During competitions and games
The winner came out to get prizes and appreciation.

So we were trained that way since we were at school.

In the university, we fought for promotion either quietly or publicly.
We have to do that.
So that our university is in the so called ranking globally.

During our meetings
Our dean, assistant dean, head department
Have to push their lecturers to excel in thdir research and publications.

Without research and publication
One is push to a point of non existent in the circles of academicians and universities.

then we come tl the story
of 3 groups of pdopld in islam...

the so calldd
islamic scholars,generous millionaires and those matyrs who were killed mercilessly
in the battlefields.

you know what?
all these groups of people
were thrown into hell.
Allah deciddd that their actions was not for HIM alone.
they did all those good amal for show, glamour, money and other worldly things...so in conclusion
all those efforts gained nothing in the eyes of Allah.

so using this background
What is the chance my work
getting the pleasure of Allah

when i struggled all the way using todays rubric and what not?

So you can see ..how we function in this world between fame, recognition and syorga?


no wonder little writings from great scholars from the muslim world.
we are caught
in the dilemma  '..
we gain 2 sens
and we lost  1 billion ringgit in our short life."


i laugh because ....

(I know what to write..but i better keep the answer to myself).

2.2  humility

Islam taught us to be humble.
if we write a book
please dont tell the others.
Keep it to yourselfs.

just wait
let the birds and fishes do the promotion and marketing
For your book. In sya Allah it will do wonders this way.


I hate to answer.
better leave this at this point.

i do want to go to the heaven too
like Bilal, Abu Bakar, Khadijah and manY more, don't  I?

WHAT say you my dear respected readers?



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