expressing our gratitude

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Allah loves those who express their gratitude for being alive and healthy.

Thank you Allah.
Thank you mum.
Thank you dad.
Thank you leaders.
Thank you neighbours and friends.
Without you life will be very much boring.

Why mum?
She gave birth to us.
She cares for us.
She does not have the so called office hours. She works non stop.
When i am fine, she is there.
When i was ill, she was ever willing to help. Sometimes she went round the places with swollen eyes for she had not slept for so many days.
Her smell we will always miss.

why daddy?
daddy brings us to schools.
he taught us how to ride a bicycle.
from there our world grows.

why leaders?
They provide us some systems of education, health and transport.
without those systems there wont be mosques, surau  and many more worshipping places.

they provide defense.
without that the country is opened to all kinds of attacks.

thank you leaders.
good leaders come from good people and vice versa. Period!

why police?
i like their sirens.  They are catching the robbers and theives.
They are wearing good uniforms and they are doing all kinds of jobs.  One minute controlling the traffic
the other time i saw they rescued thugs from the stadiums.
Pity bobby but Thank you policemen.

why neighbours?
they are part of ur families.
good neighbours , we are lucky.
bad neighbours, they kill you.
yes as easy as that man.  No need to brag. They knock your head off.

they reflect us.
if good friends, we are good.
if we keep bad friends, we are bad and dangerous too. Soon the bobbies coming after you.

so express your gratitude
say thank you
silently and openly,
from our loyalty , attitude and dedication
let us all be good citizen together, shall we?

to show we thank Allah
we should obey Allah all the times.  In sya Allah by following the examples shown by
Prophet Muhammad pbuh. We must practice patience and perseverance. Then we can go far.


Negara Kita  Intan, Kuala Lumpur 1985


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