big bosses

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Big boss is a father.

As a boss
He works.
Sometimes day  and sometimes night.

A teacher works in the day
While a fisherman works at night.

As a boss
He finds some money.
From this money, he gets some food for his wife and children.

Thousands of years ago
A father hunted for food ..hunting wild goats, rein deers and fishes.
After getting the animals they cooked and if heavy rain came they ate rawly  with their tribes.

As a boss
He tries his best to find shelter called homes.
It is not easy to get a home.

As a boss he buys some clothes.
And he gives education too.

Sometimes he teaches himself
And at times , he sends his kids to the others.

He has a strong belief in education.

Last time only the strong man survived.
The weak man died simply.  No thrill.
Nothing to write if you were killed by a snake for example.

As a father
I also guides my children this and that.
Why?  So that they are strong enough to explore this wide wild world.

I try to give some common sense.
Why?  With common sense , we shall be respected.

Few examples here called common sense.
Imagine you are 100kg man.
Your wife is just 40kg lady.
From the data
The man should be the big boss.
Is that right?

How about if the old man is 40kg
and the young woman is 100kg.  Who is the boss here?

If my children agree who the boss is then from 2 different sets of data  then
I have given them a good lesson.

2nd example.
If you are earning rm5000 a month
And you spent rm20,000
Then this is called stupidity.

Why stupid?  He can die quicker than he should.
I asked my children
What do you think?

How about this country which was so rich.
One day some one went to all places begging.
Isn't this a stupid case?

If we all agree this stupid story  or stories
Then i am a successful father.

Full stop.

He ..he..he..

As a big boss
We must teach some common sense.

Another example is
We must take risk.  We must handle risk carefully.

I take my boy to a top of a hill
Then i put him on a bike (bicycle).

Cycle my son cycle
Down the hill you go.
You must balance a bit
And off you go.

Xoom.  Zoom.
Soon he crashes in the bush.
At that point i will ask him
What did you get?
Then ..before that

Excitement. NOW we try again.

Can we balance a bit better now?

Soon he will be brave to try challenging things.

A father guides
A father explains
A father puts facts
A father .. see what happen
A father ....  knows .. he cannot control all the times.

Dont be afraid.
Just try and see what happen.

At night the father pinpointed his finger to the moon, the stars.
Common stand here. Did you feel the wind? Did you see the wind?
then he asked who made all these?
FOR what purposes?
Allah created us all.  This is the real lesson the big boss can give.
Soon big or small boss ..we shall all die.  Death is real.  Fame is fake.
Be happy with what you have my son.
Allah will b happy if you come back to him with tauhid in your heart. La ila ha illallah.


Think that's all for now.
Can u add a bit more please?



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