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Man has many worries.
So does a woman.

Thousand apology.  I  just would like to share.

1.  Young man worries.  No jobs daddy.
2.  Old man also worries. Health. Family, everything.

3.  Middle aged lady worries.
Where to send our babies?
What happen if i fall ill ..no husbands as good as him.


4.  Top athlete worry about his performance in olympic and world meet.  Will i perform as good as this n that?  Can it be maintained?

5.  Top leader worries this coming PRU.  Can he buy the rakyats votes?
How can he win the hearts of the population in the midst of GST  and 25 sen oil price hike?

6.  Top scientiest worries.  Can his work be replicated?
Will his work brings him nearer for Nobel Prize.

7.  An education minister worries.  Can we be among the top 10 in the world in STEM education in 2035 when we have some problem teachers at schools in the urban or rural areas.

8.  A cook worries.  No food poisoning this time round.
9.  A driver worries.  Hope no flood again in Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang.
10. A  cow worries too.  Will i be the next one in the slaughter house?  Egghh.

See.. every one has all sorts of worry.
When a man worries and make concerted effort non stop
Soon the iron flies in the air.  See aeroplane?  Is it made from steel or cotton wool?

Muslims if they worry about deen al islam and make serious effort all the time in it
Islam will grow to all corners of the world

Nothing is impossible.
Just put the hearts and soal plus tawakal (solely rest on the power of Allah)
Islam is spreading fast again and again.

Come let us do it  together.
Yes you and me.

2)  but
3)  but but

The kafirs know this.
Stop the worry.
They created smart phones, football games,
, fashion, health food, problem in obesity ..
Soon the muslimat is doing what the american are doing.
the mukmin getting weaker. Solat after solat they gonna miss.
once solat is neglected
haram halal is no more an issue.

as a result they eat all kinds of things ..  in London, New York or Kota Bharu
we doa, this and that

nothing doing.
See?  The missing plane no mulla had ever dream anything positive for our great PM (prime minister).

Have some time worry about this cancer.
We just don't care right.

4)  Allah swore
if man forgets about me
i shall put  millions of worry in his heart.  Nothing can cure except they give a complete 'U'  turn and come back to me.  Near and far.

this has happened ..every where.  The father , mother, sons and daughters cannot sleep.  They resort to pills in order to sleep.  Pity?



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