work like cows

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Today  Al Sultan Johor said
Most of us are working like cows.

Let us zoom in what our jobs are

1.  We wake up so early
2. Prepare our children to school or nursery
3.  Take out 4 or 5 different size colored begs
4.  Speed up  to school or child centre
5.  Spend 8 hours at the office
6.  After office, we fetch our children
7.  By  0700 pm  we reach home so flat out.

We do this 5  days a week.
Soon we got some pay
We pay this
We pay that
In the process we get ill sometimes
If not the parents, their children is ill and crying
Weekends we go here n there
Many kenduris here n there.
Bank balance not much.  Active income I  mean?

And oops ..

Our beloved King said we had worked like cows.

Pity huh?

Some got degree
Some got masters
Some got phds
Aghhh ..  all these are nothing.
We are just cows.

we are cows may be we did not take care of our children playing all sorts of things
behind our backs.
cycling in groups on the motorway
not wearing the right attire
the bikes poorly maintained
it is not cheap to service a bike meant for olimpic
if they cycled in the dark bend along the motorway
and got murdered by a crazy motorist
is that their fault
or the cows fault?
Common MB
common PM
common KJ
where is the real cow here?

Is it ok?
He he he

How about buffAloes
How about goats
How about camels

Is it ok for you
If another king comes along
And said you work like pigs.

Hu hu hu

That is our rezeki
Same door
Same method of getting money
of course the same result.
Now we are likened to cows

Imagine a school principal cow
Imagine a head matron ..cow
Imagine field marshal ..cow

Do you feel alright my dear?

I dont have any answers
Let someone answer plz.
Be patient

al fatihah to those dead souls in johore.
what a sad day ..  sports young athlete trying
to have fun as the future  cyclists for the country

To Allah we all cry.
Small fields..where to play?


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