after a course in entrepreneurship

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Syukur I am done with the course called spirits of entrepreneurship in science educatiom.

Feel very relieved now and heading straight home to Kota Bharu.

2)  why relief?
So many new terms introduced to me examples
Pentagrams of pentagrams.
Slice of life
Better person etc.

3)  next step is to write few documents
Like creating lesson plans on
Perseverance ,  never say die  in a unit lesson in science.

Not easy right?

But we must try.

4)  after the course
We can look forward to meet our loved ones.

I like this

The world is crazy.
All good people are fed up with waiting
Something to happen.

NOW the world is ruled by craxy people

Trump  in USA,
Muti  in India
And ...many more ..

Zoom to Malaysia.

Funny right?
Good guys are just fed up.
We want to be a bit different  this time.

Malaysia  comes at the wrong time.
Plane crash
Plane lost
Korean leader got killed here.
begging from a dying arab.
And many more.

Well thats life.
children knows more than us.
teachrs must guide them.

children has more content than us.  Imagine that?
we are just here to facilitate.  Guide them right.

in a video clip, an american boy told he learnt how to program, put Apps , and many more.  If teachers did not follow this , soon we are finished.  We are not needed any more.  Shame, right?

Now we are putting a  FB called e STEM.  Try and be friend with this. Soon you can get 30 different lesson plans on science n  entrepreneurship.

Remember that.

lets go home.


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