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We need a job to sustain our daily life.
Some are teachers.
Some are traders.
Some are cooks  in their own homes.
some work in the bank taking care of somebodys money and transactions.

For ordinary people like you and me
Getting a job is a good thing.
It is our image in the society.

few decades ago there were plenty of jobs in the market.
now .. young graduates find it difficult to get a simple job.

the ministers are blaming
the attitude of the graduates.

but i think .. otherwise.

no jobs because the cash flow is getting scarcer.

who controls the cash flow?
the police
the farmers
the writers
my daddy?  No.

it must be coming from the leaders.
They are paid very well to be a financial leader.

according to the bank
good brain is needed so the bank can function very well.

if there is less cash
the finsnce minister must be thinking very slow than what is expected of him.

in the bank , if the top brain cannot do the job Effectively
he is going to be sack.

easy.  As simple as that.
it is not difficult to fire such lousy people.

in a country
where all critical jobs are taken by 1 man
he must be extremely intelligent to make the country ticks like other normal industrialized country.

usually a  banker has a degree in banking.
a professor in maths ..he must be having lots and lots of numbers in his head.  Without that he can just tell many kinds of stories to his students and they all laugh all day long in the lecture theater.

my country is not doing well now.  Many cases of corruption are happening and the citizans are just watching.
may be the top leaders Are sleeping or playing with the swings.
may  be.

or what do you think?

to be continued.


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