Useful and useless matters

Posted by sazali


All of us love to do useful things.
We try our best not to indulge in useless things.

Time is gold.
We can not afford to waste any more. Things are very expensive nowadays in Malaysia. Depending on others is not good both short or in the long run.

Let me give some examples, will you?  First part is
Useful things.

1.  Save some money please.
We can use it for education and helping our children (if necessary).
2.  Take care of our good health.
3.  Stay close to nice helpful friends.

Second part is Useless things.
1.  We waste so much.  We spent so much effort on luxurious things like phones, furnitures, clothing, cars and apartments. Sometimes we put ourselves in hell.
2.  Taking drugs.  Smoking cigarettes.  Looking for cancer unknowingly.
3.  Mix with wrong and unknown friends. One day they might kill you.  Cheap n easy  boy.
4.  Believing in all kinds of news and promises.
5.  We left our family without any thing.  All our young children are depending on us .. and many more.  Islam asks us to help our own families first.  Sometimes they think we can solve everything.  Bionic daddy.  Our sick parents need us too.  Our children need us. Our neighbours also  call sometimes.  And the Prime Minister is asking us to help day in and day out in the name of economy.  He puts GST, hike the cost of petrol .. many times umrah.
Our house full of teaching, listening this and that from religious books, scholars and kitabs.  Eat, drink while listening.  Since we believe so much in paradise and hell,    quietly  and painfully, the money we the one to get.  Donkey?  You put so many things on the donkey.  Soon the donkey drop dead.  It breaks its back with tons of things.

Please be careful.
Sometimes we need help.
But alas ..not every body can help.
If we try to get help, sometimes, we will be sad when all help do not come at all.
sometimes we put ourselves down.

so the best way
ask help from Allah alone.  Can we?  If the car breaks down, ask the angels to push.  Can?

take care.
Live according to your means.

if both of you are working , you should be  ok on papers

just keep quiet and fight for yourself.
Your children?

They can only help a bit but
all the remaining troubles
we ourselves have to foot the bills.

Many people got stroke
Some got  cancer
some hardly breathe
so ...  we deserve it.

Don't be sad.
That is life nowadays.

you yourselves got to face,

That is what most of us are experiencing.
We hear this , we hear that
Be strong dear in sorrow or good condition.

So be careful please.
i talk to myself.

Dont cry.
Life has changed a lot.
All experiences ..just a game.
Take care.  Will you?

if I drop dead
well ..
all of us dying.  Nobody can run away.
Get ready.  Ever ready.  Shall we my dear?



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