feeling good

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Peace be upon you my dear respected readers.

Every morning we wake up feeling so good.
Don't we?

Some do not feel that way. Why?

Personally I feel good when

I am enjoying a good piece of health. My guru told me health is wealth.
Physical and emotional health.
Our body is an expensive machine.  There is no price that we can attach to our heart, eyes, all parts of our body and brain.

If our heart cannot pump the blood
We are going to die.

If our eyes turn blind suddenly
We might lose our jobs.

If our brain is functioning badly
A job like a teacher is at stake.

So if i can drive to a nearby mosque in the morning
Passing several traffic lights
Then i can express my contentment to the Al Mighty Allah
For bestowing upon me a good health again and again.

What do you think?

Secondly is our emotional health.
It comes from the word emotion.
This is internal feeling.
If our emotiion is good
We can smile.
We can laugh.
smiling and laughing are 2 commodities that can attract friends and rezeki.
imagine our life without smiles and laughter.
we might die. Why?

Laughter is the best medicine, right?

2)  knowing those important things
we must protect them all the times. How?

we must mix with the right kind of people.
we must read proper books
we must listen well to good news, info and lessons about life.

physical health
we must eat and rest well.

some people take care of their new cars extremely well.
they took all steps to protect the machines.
how about our health?

try to avoid from drugs and cigarettes.
those are harmful things.
we should take more care of our health
than our cars, houses and everything.

health comes and go.
once it goes away
we are going to suffer miserably.
imagine our body cannot function well when doing our business in the toilet all day long.
we cannot fly any more.

even though Air Asia claim everybody can fly
with all kinds of pain in the toilet

who wanted to bring you up in the air?


with that i am leaving you
with this in mind.

take care of yourself, will you?

Drive carefully.


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