good afternoon

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Good morning,
Good afternoon,
Good evening and before you go to bed , just say Good Night.

Those were my early lessons in English.

Then an ustaz came.
He said no need all those goods.

Just say  Assalamu alaikum w.r.t.
This covered every thing from 1200 midnight to 1200 noon.

But the problem is
In the english classes, you wish each other using english.

Now come Apandi Ali
he wanted us to learn french.

Any takers on french?

luckily he is not the Minister of Education.
else we will see all teachers using french at schools.  Last time we wasted 1 billion ringgit trying to use english in maths and science class rooms.  And in the process Malaysia's performance in international assessment  and evaluation such as PISA  and TIMSS went down the drain.  We are so near to Timur Leste.  Among the last third worldwide.  The critic was we took too many malays into the teaching profession.

2)  Malaysia is strange.
one time we talk the importance of english,
then came ustax ustazah stressing on arabic language and DBP  fighting on Malay and down the road,
Najib's  best lawyer in the whole country is talking about french.

I  better dont comment so much bcoz
if  i  do
may be the police will be next on me.

Here Najib, Apandi Ali and the IGP  , they are very close to each other.  Each ones  heart beat, they can hear and understand well what is expected of them.  The best outcome they put all the best brains from the opposition front into the  jail.  Easy?

Till then
good afternoon my readers.
Take care.



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