Aghh ..teacher teacher can I go out?

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As a government servant , we realize from day 1 to day 9000 (i.e., 300*30 years service ) , we are working for the people as a whole. We obey orders as they come from the top of the organization chart/ i.e., if we are teachers we follow the orders from the Ministry of Education, State Education Headquarter and District Education Offices etc etc .

Examples of our obedience all these while include the followings:

(i)  teaching , marking
(ii)  advising
(iii)  organizing field trips
(iv)  invigilations PMR, SPM, STPM and many more
(v)  preparing questions and marking answer scripts for SPM/ STPM/ Matriculation Colleges/ polytechnics and universities
(vi)  industrial visits , supervisions; PSM , supervision FYP
(vii)    research papers
(viii)  publish papers
(ix)  present papers in few conferences either at national level / international
(x)  attend meetings near and far
(xi)  driving our car .. taking risk drivingthe cars ..  buying insurance etc etc

ohhh..many more.

*** the problem is .. we are still classified as human beings.  We are exposed to many kinds of danger ..and mind you ..  no police escort come with us .. if we are carrying secret documents (public exam papers) etc etc.  So far we have done our duties the best that we can.  Alhamdulilah.

When we attend many meetings ..we met many people ..some took the sides from the  government and for simple followers .. we are sitting with many officers who tend to express ..  their anger etc etc.  We labelled them as frustrating officers.  Some of these frustrated officers took  anti-governments orders and directives.

Sometimes it is good to listen to the second group once in a while because they are  saying  something with some solid proofs.   We just listen , sometimes we agree with them by moving our neck up and down i.e, the art of body language that we agree with them unknowingly / knowingly.  After the meetings, we think we are wiser and more knowledgeable.  At schools in the staff rooms ..we re-express what we heard so far over a cup of coffee and some biscuits.  At the end we just laugh ..but we never miss our classes, children and students.

That is unique about being simple Malaysians.  We know many things from readings, talking, listening to many gossips and bad mouthing and ..  of course since we have our mouths .. we talk again with our Form 6 students in Special Paper classes
where we talk about politics, economy, religion, culture, food and sports.  Why?  we wanted our students become world class citizens by knowing many kinds of issues debated  at national and international levels.  They are suppose to have better critical thinking skills than some politicians who ..look so great but more empty up  in their heads.

When we ask thestudents this and that  .. by marking their papers ..we know ..  some of them have bought our ideas ..  we must faced the cancer called corruption and many more around us.  They gave very good examples like Stadium Terengganu ..that went crumbling down to the ground in spite the construction was up and going lesss than 10 years old!  We gave them grades ..  from time to time ..until they graduate with first class critical thinking, reasoning  and mind.

They are our future leaders ..  critical minds and of course they hate corruption and easy killings by gangsters on the streets in the day bright .. proving something is wrong with our police and many more.  We checked ..  soon we found out that the police are controlling the crowds at the stadium which still stood strong under the blue , clear sky and surprise, surprise you  ..our police are controlling the illegal immigrants from many places.

The world goes on ..  soon we join the pencen staff .. and as we sit down  ..and observe what is going on outside in the day bright.  Basically the world moves on ..  even though we think we have so many great ideas.  The world will proceed even though we  are just called ' the deceased one' a few minutes ago.  Yes ..the world will go on.  Our children getting married and started to have their own families.  Soon we are going to be forgotten ..  slowly and surely.  If year 3050 comes, our names hold no more in any body's mind and soul.  That is a simple life called 'government officer' in the year 2013.  Good Bye Teacher.  You are a successful architect that shapes the minds of the future generations.  But alas .. why are we being blamed / tak bersyukur when we had constructed useful minds all this while?


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