Studying in the university Part 4

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In the university there is a group of people called the lecturers and professors.  They lead a 'nice' life compared to many people around the campus.

Why did I say so?

Few reasons strike my mind:

(i)  big proportion of them  studied and completed the Ph.D overseas
(ii)  they write books, journals
(iii) they visit many places and presented their work ..  and at the end they contribute some to the body of knowledge
(iv)  they got drivers to send them for meetings, airports and mind you ..these drivers waited for them obediently
(v)  and many more

But to be a lecturer ,  you must work hard once you are in the university.

In Malaysia, in the government sector. lecturers hold the highest economic status and income after the politicians like Tun Dr Mahathir,  Dato' Sammy Vellu and The Chief Minister of Sarawak.  If that is not true, you can see .. the trend ..why successful engineers , doctors and academicians  wanted to stand for election what come may.   They believe by direct involvement in politics .. they can get wealth on the much better /  fast(er) track.  He..he..

2)  One day I flew to Kota Kinabalu.  Before we landed, I saw all green palm trees  on the ground as far as my eyes could see.  I asked the air steward and stewardesses , whose property is that?  All of them answered .. it may belongs to the daughter of Dr. M.  See?  Better life in politics young man.

3)   But in Islam, the followers were trained ..

one day ..Allah will ask ..few basic questions such as :

3.1  where did you get your money from
3.2  where did you spend it
3.3  how do you get those land / plantations/ palm trees
3.4  when did you get them
3.5  and of course many more

4)  In the university , we are trained to value our limited time.  All students and lecturers have 24 hours only.  No matter you are good or bad in English, every body has 24 hours only.  Why did I say that?  Most of us has a watch but from my simple observation .. many of us .. did not know how to read the time from our watches.  Some important meetings and lectures started late.  I ask my friends and students why?  Instead of their instant reply .. they ask me too why?  I think Standard 3 student (from any school) can read the time correctly and practice it obediently  at the sport ground.    

O yes ...
From this limited time, we learn and teach because

in the day after , Allah will ask us few important questions such as:

4.1  did you hear the azan at subuh time?
4.2  did you have any knowledge about that azan
4.3  did you act upon your knowledge
4.4  what did you do with your rest of the knowledge
4.5  did you keep your knowledge and why

Oh my God .. it is tough to be admitted into the paradise.

If it is so so easy, surely Abu Jahal, Abu Lahab, Firaun, Qaruun would have easily understood and accepted the calling of the prophets at their respective time. And there won't be any stories describing about them in the Holy Quraan.

In short, we are in the university to learn, practice and become successful people for the betterment of our own families, our selves and our GOD / tuhan.

If we lost,  we are the only one to be blamed. Why? we have so many lecturers and professors as our guidance.  Follow their instructions.  We won't get lost at the end of our stay in this university.

Till then .. Study Hard/ Think Hard/ Train Hard/ and be  smart all the time.

G_BU.  ( god bless you)


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