Surviving in the University Part 5

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Salam/ Salutations.

Bismillah hi rah ma nir raheem.

Today I just would like to write -  steps to observe in the hostels.  It will be brief.  

I am sure some of you are just experiencing  the life of being alone for the first time. I mean you had left your homes, mother, father and the BIG BEAR.  No more photo_stating and printing by your own old daddy any more in cyber cafe downtown.  Now you have to live with many unknown friends from many parts of Malaysia/ world.  So this is a simple guide so that you can adjust quickly to the demand of university life in  Malaysia.

I assume your room in the hostel has 5 – 10 students.  It is good, don't you think so?  Social skills.  A lot of team work and of course  it could be hell for some of you. To be honest, I like a room by myself.  If you can afford it, why must you share?  Right?  
In England, at your age, I had a room by myself.  No sharing sharing one but I paid a lot for that luxury.

The folowings are some simple steps to survive well in this hostel:

1.        Practice some simple common sense.  Your property is your property. Example toothbrush, toothpaste, shaver, private clothings, track shoes, stockings, combs, tampons etc etc. So don’t try to borrow / lend from others.  Use yours all the time. If your shaver is OUT , get it from 7Eleven.   Buy some mineral water too. The water here  may be 'not good'  for drinking.  You know contamination?

2.       Study in the special room where everybody studies.  Put your dictionary, calculator, notebook, Photostat machine, scanner,  ATM in that special room.  If you can bring a machine that dispense ‘instant hot coffee/ the tarik’ bring that too from your home.  Just ask a favor from your mum.  Are you not bringing  a SINGER sewing machine too?  Common brother.  This is a hostel, right?  Some needs approval from the warden and the university itself.

3.       Set on an agreed time when the light is going to be OFF. Say 0200 hours.  Everybody must agree / respect to this.  All human beings at  the age of 19 – 25 must sleep well for expansion, growth and health.  If you sleep less than 3 hours a day .. don’t worry are going to suffer my friend. PKU wants to see you Brother?

4.       No smoking.  Strictly no smoking at all times. 
5.       Set out time when to study/ do their home work/ assignment – group work?
6.       If you are too smart .. and you do not mind sharing your answers..put on the copy machine and ensure Allah loves you most on that day.  Copying the work from each other is fun, actually.  Then before you send the assignment remember to do some modifications ..the front cover, introduction, criticism and conclusion.  Your name please/ matrix number   jangan lupa ok?
7.       In case there is an emergency in the middle of the night, please be considerate .. to switch on the light.  Please some of ‘the way your friend is sleeping ‘ are too scary to label them SX18+.  Be careful else you will forget all the maths/ stats formulae for the TEST1.  Some of us may be  sleeping  using kain pelikat. So watch out - OMG! 
8.        Put off your handset or QUIET MODE/  alarm when going sleeping.
9.        If you bring a car/ motorbike/ lorry/ bicycle  to the hostel, park it very well. Don’t block the main access.  If you want to dine outside , you can invite few friends but ‘Go Dutch’ OK.  Your food you pay.  My food I pay. Why?    Got road that?
10.   Solat/ praying time.  Do your solat at the surau/ masjid.  Settle?  Read Yaseen, Al Mulk and Alif Mim Sajadah there too.
11.   Take care of your ATM card.  Protect your PIN/ password. Don’t go so much FB.  Hackers from Africa will get your password and many love stories.  The ending is always hard to swallow.
12.   Make strong intention to wake up for Fajar/ Subuh solat, breakfast and when to catch the first bus for the first lecture  the next day.  University buses are all FREE.  If the driver is missing, get him quick on the driver’s seat and rush to the lecture hall.  Don’t worry.  
13.   Keep your bed tidy at all times.  Keep the soiled under garments in a special  black linen beg.  Push it under your bed.  But build more muscles by washing them by hands.  No need GYMM.
14.   Appoint someone to be the warden/ chief room manager. Respect him.
15.   If you do some washing, hang your clothes outside to dry. Good to mark your clothes.  Use permanent markers like ‘JudeBIT13_14’.  Don’t be surprise, if your nice T-shirt gone missing.  Well if you ask .. who knows? Don’t hang your wet towels at the edge of the bed.  But if it is your smallest  pant, hang them under your bed. Practice sopan?
16.   If you are answering a call, talk softly.  You know this hostel is not your ‘granddaddy’s hostel’ alright?
17.   Talk nicely to others.  Don’t brag for having an amoi/ ayam at your First Semester.  Somebody gets offended if that ‘ayam’ is their own sister. Ok?
18.   Control the fan,  light and the sunshine. It could disturb somebody , you know?
19.   Don’t bring another friend from different gender into your hostel. If you are caught, you would be expelled for good.  A moment of intimate experience could cause you an expulsion. No need to say SORRY.  This is an Islamic country. Ask the arab tourists.
20.   If you want hindi songs, put a wire into your ears.  I don’t like Hindi.  All the others like English mostly. Loud song/ noise  could  disturb others.  You got Band 3 MUET brother?
21.   Take care of your properties all the time.
22.   If your handset, calculator and notebook are lost, I think you have to buy another one.  Easy? Its your fault, I think.
23.   Study seriously in the LIBRARY.  You can also study in the surau/ Mc D?  Wi fi all there.
24.   I think that’s all  my dear this time -  bad smelling socks please burn them. The smell is awful to any one's noses.

Hope the list helps you towards a great journey in the university.  Live well with your friends.  Who knows , they can recommend  their 10 year old sister to you next time. (laugh).
Aim high and say INSYALLAH First Class Honours all the semesters.

Think of your parents.  They have a very high hope on YOU.  My doa.  If you love this list, send Al Fatihah to me .. please.  My name ?  Dr S ( The Red Warriors always win ..)


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