Studying in the university Part 2

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In the university you have 2 kinds of lecturers. They are called your study advisor and the other one is the semester by semester lecturer(s).

Both of them you can meet at your free time but since ..

most of the lecturers are busy , it would be advisable to do the following things:

1)  make appointment with them

If you make one, come to the stated time as agreed by him/her and you.

Be prepared what to ask and what are the things that troubling you such as accommodation,  time table and many more.

From my experience, most of my students come to get my rubber stamps.  I just stamped their forms and off they disappear from my eye sights.

2)  asking about a subject, topic, sub-topics etc.

Regarding this point, you must be well prepared.  It is important to give a good impression that you are serious in your subject.

Show some of your workings like maths, statistics and programming.

It is good to show them your errors in mathematics.  At least they can pin point where you got wrong.

3)  asking for a good reference(s)

Some lecturers stock very up to date books for his teaching and ..
If you want, just say .. I want to see you latest book that you are using in this subject please.

Use please and thank you.  Speak politely but accurately.

4) Final Year Project

In your final year, you are given a special project to solve.  It takes 2 semester or about 8 - 9 months.
If you are confused with how to get started, ask your project supervisor how to start.

Try to show him/her your progress from time to time.
Some students met me at the first meeting and at the last before they went VIva in the end of the project cycle.

You wasted a lot of chances not to mix with your lecturers while you are here in the university.  They are very helpful you know?
Provided you know how/

By discussing things with him/her, it built up some confidence in you to work with the seniors once you started working after you left the university.


there are some common rules how to work with others.
they are:

i) be punctual.  Don't use the word 'on the way' all the time when you are 200km from him else you are going to be called 'on the way graduate'.  <laugh>
ii) be serious with your work
iii) put on a good but proper attire
iv)  bring your diary, notebook with you for discussion  and
v) try to spend limited time with your SV but make it very often.  I don't think he wanted you to stay longer in his office.  why? he wanted to think of other things else for example arrangements to get his children from schools, shopping etc etc.

I hope you understand what i mean by my writings here.  Till then I would like to say
Good luck and have many  fruitful year(s) studying in this university.  Enjoy your time here. plz?


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