Why we love our parents and teachers

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From day 1, we know generally ..somehow .. by instinct who our mother is.  Next come our hero called our daddy.  His voice is a bit different from our mummy.More over our mummy has ample supply of fresh natural milk for our consumption at all times, any time day and night.  Not only we sucked hard the reservioir of milk , sometimes some of us bite our mummy's tits and of course we got the immediate slap once in a while.  I think we deserve it , right?  After the slap , we cried .. and every body got busy to cool us down.  Day in day out ..we grew up in the love of our wonderful parents.

From mum's sacrifice we grow up as a clever kid.
From  our dad's sacrifice ..he sent us to schools, colleges, and now university.  Sometimes he forego his daily coffee in order to save some money for us to school, boarding school and now the university.

When we are sick ..  they are always at our side.
Even though they are so hungry and they are about to eat a morsel of food, when they heard our cry .. they sacrifice their food rushing into the bedroom in order to see our well being away from the mosquito bites, snakes and scorpions.  See .. that is the love we got from our parents.

-- Next come the teachers.

We met our teachers at the age of 6 and 7.  Standard 1.
Sometimes when we were funny, the teacher taught us up ... how to deal in the school toilet.  Sometimes, we came out from the toilet with the top uniform only .. and missing the bottom part all the way through.  But don't worry, we haven;t met our sweet heart yet.  Luckily that time , size did not really matter, really?

After some years .. we gradually become cleverer and cleverer.  We came top of the class among Felda families/ police barrack families or teacher quarters and soon we were sent to a boarding school.

At the boarding schools, we met more teachers.  Here they regarded us as their own children. They taught us many things such as ... (fill in the blanks) other than Physics, Biology and Chemistry.

Soon MCE/ SPM/ HSC/ STP/ STPM came and we scored very well.
Then  interviews came for studying abroad.  We went there with the help of many of our teachers' advice through and through.

After some time we met many British lecturers in the high colleges of engineering and universities.  I also got many pakistani, indian and arab friends. I knew them from the soccer fields near our colleges and universities.

After few years studying abroad , we came back to serve our country Malaysia.  Some came back as teachers, lecturers , engineers and doctors.  We worked together to build up our nation including my accounting friends ACCA/ Chartered Accountants.

Looking back at all the hard services of our parents
and teachers .. I think we should say Thank You Mummy, thnak you dadddy and of course Thank YOu Sir/ Teacher.  Luckily, my name has Dr and Prof all put together as one nowadays .. as some kind of flowers that decorate the garden of knowledge I obtained from the blessings of my kind parents and wonderful teachers.  When I mentioned flowers I remembered my best indian teachers called Mr Dominic, Mr Hector John and Mr Mano (Biology teacher in STAR, Ipoh) and Mrs Simon (Grantham, England).

By saying that .. we should try our best to stay away from causing hardship / bad feelings towards our parents or teacher masters.  They had contributed a lot towards our well being.

Without them ..we are no where today as an expert teacher, Professor, Chief Executive Officer , and many more.  In fact the PM of Malaysia came from the service of his parents and hard working teachers.

But do you know..  most politicians that we have today ..came from the teaching families especially the malays.  I do not know .. how come we say bad things about how our teachers that had ruled this country.  I am sure ..if given the chance to 'make' some extra money .. we are not 100% sure that we are better than them .. because money , power and lady attractions are very addictive elements like ganja and opium.  It is easy to get addicted.  Ask Chin Peng the communist leader.  Why on earth he took many lives of the Malaysians in that communist era 1940 - 1980 if it was not for power, money and glory?

As  a good son / teacher .. myself .I think we have to repent and start saying good things to our parents and our past teachers.  Is that very hard to do?

Without their sacrifice, we won't be here.  Right?
So think nice of them always.
One day .. your own children will think nice of you too.



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