Teacher, teacher why must you write like this?

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Salam/ Salutations and Greetings.

All along I keep on writing some thing for my readers out there since 2010.  Why?  As a humble teacher, I am paid to read, write and tell relevant stories to my students and the rest.  As teacher we must love reading, writing , reflecting and telling some important stories to our 'followers'.  Great leaders like Mahatma Ghandi, Jawahal Nehru, Margaret Thatcher, Lee K. Yew  and Tun Dr Mahathir Muhammad have few common values called reading, thinking, reflecting, writing and by telling others, the civilization of human beings thrive and prosper.  The younger generations would progress based on those stories/ history.  History never lie.    Assumptions?  sometimes an assumption does lie.

The real target of my writing is my own children's well being. Three of them are studying hard just like everybody else.  We follow the principles of the late Tun Abdul Razak (ex-PM Malaysia) that says '.. through education we can change our social economic well being..'.  Another three of my children are working and raising their families the best that they can.  God Willing!

2)  I can't send them money all the time but what I can give is some motivation and the good feelings of studying abroad/ locally.  That is how I trained my children.  From young age, I ask them to write on a piece of paper .. anything interesting that happen today, yesterday and tomorrow.  Before I sleep , I tried to read and understand their writings.  By them writing, you can see their thinking and the way they appreciate many things  pouring onto their well being ever since as Malaysians.

In this blog, if you read and learnt something ..jolly good else please ignore and I am sure you won't miss anything.  He..he..  It will do you thousands of goods.

2)  I think it is very rare ..people write things like this nowadays when it was not attached directly with any financial rewards at the end of the writings.  But for me,  ..  , one day when all my children are successful in this dunia and akhirat (as decided by the Al Mighty Allah) ..  all those successes is my actual money.  I pick up any bouquet of flowers in the next world.  Insyallah!  It is good to build up a good family that practices good feelings between the old generation and this Y-generation.  They never sleep.  Everything is always ON. ( gadgets and I.T).

How to create good feelings?   One of the ways is to write something short like this.

The rest is ..  tawakal to Allah to decide.

If it good ..it is good ..if it is bad ..I would like to apologize to my own children first of all and .. you too.
O my LORD (Allah) .. forgive me as you had forgiven Syaidina Omar al Khatab r.a.  Ameeen.


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