Bakpo banyak sangat cuti ni?

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In Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei ..  we have so many holidays.  I think Malaysia is a country with the most number of holidays.  Around 30 per year.

2)  Now many parties are talking about world rankings.

Not only football , this term also goes into education, products and many more.

3)  I learnt GCE "A" Level Physics with Mr Norman (STAR, Ipoh, 1975). He said if a body of object is running well on the pre-specified track, the object is said to be gaining momentum  and the momentum keeps on increasing to the 'end'.

But if you stop the object purposely,  then the object lost the speed and of course the momentum and you wasted many more 'time' to initiate the same object to run on the same track and catching the old 'speed'.

4)  Similarly with the productivity of many organisations in this country.

5)  Other than the public holidays  , we got to follow other kind of holidays like Merdeka Day and Malaysia Day.  Luckily Dato'  Lee C. Wei did not get gold last olympic in the badminton court in London thatday.  Else if he did, 30 million malaysians + illegal immigrants deserved another holiday.  A holiday of celebration olympic gold.

6)  In the local universities, the office time is said to be from 0800 am to 0500pm but we have few breaks in between.  Tea break, coffee break , lunch break, prayer breaks ( zohor and asar) and of course if the call of asar came at 0420 pm as it is now .. few officers abide with the azan of the muazin.  After prayer , some left the office and go home.

If we understand the physics' momentum theory by Mr Norman in 1975 as written above..  we lost many momentum in many things.  Our thinking , ideas, writings, readings, teachings, and many more.

I hate to write this ..

and by having so many kinds of break ..  I do not see how we can catch up with other developed countries that practice less

*holidays than us.
**breaks than us during the office hours.
***and etc etc.

7)  If I were the most powerful person in this country ..  I think we can forego some holidays / in another word we have to do some sacrifice.

By sacrificing the holidays and daily breaks .. I have the feeling that we can talk about 'world class ' universities, research and ..  ( with more sense and more specific objectives ) in conquering the whole world plus the planets.  Without sacrificing, I do not see .. where we are all going ..except going home before 0500 pm on Monday to Friday.

I think that is all to say.  I would like to apologize .. to many people ..but ..  you know what I meant for the betterment of this country.  I always love malaysia.  If you can't swallow this ..let us forget that 'world ranking' business and just holidaying. Why? we are very rich with oil, rubber, palm oil, and many more.

wallahu aklam ... bis sawabbbbb .. God knows where we are all going.


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