If we are so serious with ..

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Just passing on some good tips about our well being ..

If we are so serious with ..

(i)  jogging .. then it is good to stop smoking

Many joggers are very serious with their general health but unfortunately some of them never quit smoking.  So what is the point of those hard running and jogging?

(ii)  weight lifting .. then it is good to take some quality food and supplements.

Quality food refers to those food in the 'pyramid'.  To gain weight , one has to take more proteins, carbohydrates and fruits.  I saw Brazilian footballers in their Olympic camps in London, everyday ..they take few eggs and half kilogram of meat.

While, asian athletes still eating 'some ikan bilis' and 'bawang kering'.. Funny?  How can we beat the Americans and British?  They take many pints of raw milk and a basketful of fruits like grapes and oranges.  See the difference ?

(iii)  scoring goals in football games

To do that , we must have good strikers like the late Mokhtar Dahari (Malaysia) and Kamamoto (Japan) in Merdeka Cups Mid 1970s.  In West Germany, they have Gerd Muller and Klinksman.  In Brazil they have Revilino, Pele, Zico and Nehmar.  They trained somebody seriously to score just goals on the football pitch.  Nothing else.

(iv)  writing thesis Masters/ Ph.D

one has to read, organize, write, think , re write and present your writings to few important conferences.

One has to read to get some serious ideas.
One organize their journal papers that they had read few nights ago.
One write what was read just now ..and try to see the link , relationship with the title of his research.
One has to think hard when writing.  It is good to write with some kinds of seriousness since the time is getting  shorter and shorter ..  well .. you are not going to finish your work up to 3030, right?

ONe has to re write .. again and again without showing  any feeling of frustrations, boredom and anger towards your supervisor  .. because ..the ultimate aim is your scroll Masters/ Ph.D .. no matter what it takes.

(v)  marrying and staying faithful with one another.

Marriage is a sacred act of living together between 2 partners - a man / woman.  We have to love each other.  To stay long in marriage, we try hard to complement each other in many ways.  If the man talks a lot, then the lady practice some degree of patience in listening.  If the lady likes to angry with many things in front of her eyes ..  then it is better for that man .. to run away.  (laugh).  Try running for a few days ...  you come back and you will see a better woman in your loved lady. Try?

I had done that many times in my 30 year marriage.. and I tell you .. it works so well.
Some times I ask her to run away too .. but she cannot run so fast now. I can catch her at any nick of time.  What to do?  (laugh)

(vi)  dying

Every one knows ..that we are going to die one day.  If you are rich .. please pen down a will .. distributing your properties to your children fairly.  In Islam, the sons get more than the daughters.  Assumption was ..the man has more responsibilities.

If one knows ..s/he is dying .. get prepared because the journey after death might be a very very long one.  Imagine Prophet Adam (alai his salam ) and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) ..  they were 'gone' few centuries ago .. and ..  soon we are joining them in the same world ..  'the WORLD OF THE DEAD SOULS'.  I heard it was very dark inside the graves.  It was pitch black. Hu.hu..  can we survive the questions of that special malaikat.  Ma robbu ka?  Ma nabi nuka?  

That world ..  nobody knows .. yet because no one has ever returned and reported us back.  Have you got one ?

Lastly, take care.  It is worth taking care of ourselves.  I saw many people taking care of their expensive cars,  houses and necklaces  ..but unknowingly , they forgot they are the most expensive machine on this planet called 'THE EARTH'.

Expensive human beings like you and me take extra care of themselves like ..  believing in Allah, acting upon his commandments according to the sunnah of the Holy Prophet Muhamad (peace be upon him)

and we practice sincerity in all our amals/ actions and deeds.
Taking care of our beloved one comes next and in doing so ..please smile .. and smile ..  because a smile and good words from our mouth are the best medicine in the whole wide world.

Till then ..  have a good week ahead of you.



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