Studying in the university Part 3

Posted by sazali


Some students are very fortunate to get hold of their lecturers' cell phone number.  Mine is also known by many students.

In this juncture I would like to share some of the experience 'sms'ing with my students.

2)  practice some degree of politeness

when you send an sms ,,  salute your lecturer correctly.  examples.  good morning Prof.
thank you so much Sir.

I got some messages like this.

where class Sir?
you not coming again?
raining , how to go your class?

3)  take out all the 'he.he..'  , 'hu hu hu' stuff.

try to be professional.

replace 'he..he..'  with ' Thank you Sir/  It is so nice of you Prof.'/ never believe you are so approachable.

replace ' hu'  with ' I am deeply sorry for my mistake.  It was my entire mistake Sir.  Thousand apology please.'


In the university , you are dealing with respected Drs and Professors.  These type of people were highly trained in USA , UK , Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Pakistan, India , Japan and South Korea.

They came back to their country with some standards of conversation and interaction between themselves including their so called students from Manek Urai, Batang Berjuntai, Ulu Yam and many more 'wonderful' places near the vicinity of these universities.

Our university had selected their students based from certain standards/  qualifications.    One of those was you my readers.

Therefore, to go far in this academic world and future undertakings .. it is good for you to follow some standard rules and procedures.  It is for your own good. Believe me.

Stop using all this  'he..he..  geli gelimang stuff ' and 'hu hu .. highly surprising stuff' once and for all.

I pen down  Hope you can digest my sincere views.



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