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When we used the word 'FIT'  , it means few things:

Firstly,  in the army camp , the armies must be fit at all times else may be they got the sack.

Here 'fit' refers to physical fitness.

Once the doctors confirm that so and so is not fit, s/he is allowed to leave the army.

Secondly,  in the ward , one day my neighbour's daughter got a 'fit'.

Here fit refers to another thing.  In Malaysia, the malays mean ..the patient suddenly went 'sawan / mata terbalik, terbeliak  dan biji matanya tiba-tiba jadi putih '.  The patient loss her sense and her body suddenly went so stiff where her mouth 'jammed'.  Everything went blur so suddenly.  When that thing happened  the doctor and the nurses rushed to the bed.  Luckily after some time with some proper medication..  the girl came back ..  all ok (normal).

Thirdly, the word 'fit' refers to how nice the new clothes would go onto your body and good looking.  i.e., if we bought jeans from London, may be they won't look so good on you.  They are tailored for english ladies and gentlemen.  But if the jeans came from Japan , i think they would be very much better.  The asians physically are the same ( size really matters?).   Ask the 'd-n-a' experts. (laugh).


Now , let us go back to the Malaysian  Education Minister II recently Sept 2013. He openly disclosed 70% of the English teachers in the country were found not fit to teach English in the primary and secondary schools.

What did he mean by that word 'fit' ?

The answer could be:

A)  the teachers do not have to teach the subject anymore
B)  the teachers are going to be fired
C)  the Government  can save a lot of money
D)  pity them ... the remaining teachers i.e., 30% have to carry the extra burden of teaching and
E)  all the above may be true

Wallahu aklam bis sawabbbb

SACK =  pecat , dibuang kerja


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