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Try and write something nice.

The words diary/ dairy.

Diary = a small book ..we put our plan for today, tomorrow and day after tomorrow.

dairy =  a product from sheep, cows like milk, cheese and many more.

Examples of sentences.

(i)  I kept a diary when I was doing my masters and Ph.D.  Inside the diary , I planned what to do such as the time to see my project supervisor and what are the things to discuss.

(ii)  Holland and New Zealand are two famous countries for dairy products.  In fact, on my breakfast table during the weekends, we take cheese.  Luckily, our eyes are still 'not yellowish'. He..he..  lucky me!


We read a lot and we try to put things right.
Why we write?  The answers are .. we share something with the others i.e., my followers in my blog.

I just want to tell them one thing.  My great great grand parents took 'budu' as their special food/ delicacies ..but ..  from their effort sending me to English schools .. I managed to put some words in English.  They are not so brilliant like what the children of Shakespeare wrote but  I think it is all ok.  Why? I am not a native speaker.  Here ..  everything is my second language.  How hard I speak English, dreaming in English  daily, weekly, monthly , yearly .. I will never be called  an English man.  PERIOD!

I think most of my followers can do that better because they only take 'Nestle' products like Kit-Kats, Cadbury, Susu Cap Junjung , Nestum and many kinds of cereals.  More over, they 'scribe' every night with their beloved ones so far away.  You know what ..they always ask ..what is 'budu'?  (laugh).

My answer ..simple budu ENTER.

That is the way .. it goes. Keep on writing ..  putting some knowledge of grammar at bay.

Thank you.

May God bless you. Ameeeen.



  1. Mohamad Izham M.A said...

    Thank you Dr.. I can't stop laughing while writing this. LoL

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